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Kryptoro is a new cryptocurrency exchange with a fresh focal point, end user experience. We aim to bring you the same functionality and choice you’ve become accustomed to in the current exchange ecosystem, all with an extremely simplified, easy to use and beautifully presented interface.

In addition, we aim to bring users all the necessary resources they need, on platform, gone are the days of having multiple tabs opened made up of twitter, news articles and various metrics. Kryptoro will provide live news events, social media feeds and sentiment analysis for every asset we offer. Our aim is for our clients to wonder how they ever traded their digital assets without us.


A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.


  • Poorly scaling infrastructure
  • Complicated & daunting UI's
  • No / slow fiat transaction processing
  • Provision of credit card crypto purchases
  • Lack of support & education tools present on other platforms
kryptoro wallet


Here at Kryptoro our team has over 12 years of experience in building technology products for a multitude of clients, from banks and financial service providers to museums and fast food outlets. We believe this puts us in the privileged position of knowing exactly what end users need.

Kryptoro will provide users all the resources they need to make investment decisions, right there on the platform! Having been actively involved in cryptocurrency trading from as early as 2012 we have managed to identify the shortcomings of previous exchanges and will ensure none of these present themselves in the Kryptoro Exchnage.

  • bitcoin
  • dash
  • rapple
  • ethereum
  • ethereum
  • monero
  • liecoin


The Kryptoro (KTO) Token will play an integral part in the Kryptoro Exchange ecosystem. The token will function as the “gas” of the exchange, used to power all value related transactions, including but not limited to trading fees, token listing fees, value added services, subscription services etc.


Start: 23 July 2018 10:00 (GMT+2)

Number of tokens for sale

25% : 25 000 000 KTO (Angel Investors and pre-sale)

50% : 50 000 000 KTO(ICO)


End: October 15 2018 10:00(GMT+2)

Tokens exchange rate

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

0.1 ETH


kryptoro coin distribution

Technical Analysis



July 2018

Conclude pre-sale and commence the ICO for KTO Tokens


September 2018

The KRYPTORO Exchange will go LIVE!!


November 2018

Rollout of first additional features on the platform, Bull Run and Trading analysis tools


December 2018

Set up holding companies and accounts in Dubai and Nigeria to establish Dirham and Naira base pairs


January 2019

Release of additional fiat and crypto pairs on the KRYPTORO Exchange


April 2019

First KTO Token repurchase and token burn will take place

Our Dedicated Team

As the founder and CEO of an internationally acclaimed software development firm, Kagiso Interactive, he is very active within the technology scene and has been particularly interested in cryptocurrencies from 2012. His firm has managed to build up a remarkable reputation for continuously exceeding client expectations and he aims to bring this same perfectionist attitude to his newest project, Kryptoro.

Lizwi as he’s affectionately known is a full stack web developer who has worked on multiple highly successful projects in the past during his time with Kagiso Interactive. He has displayed immense acumen with respect to web development and continues to always increase his knowledge base.

With a background in traditional finance and economics, Brenton helps bring financial acumen to the technology table. He has worked on previous cryptocurrency related products and has consulted for multiple SME’s also, which his practical knowledge on creating successful startups. He is currently furthering his knowledge with respect to Blockchain through Oxford Universities Said Business school.

Anele is a junior developer at Kagiso Interactive, with over 2 years of experience. He completed his studies at the Mangosuthu University of Technology, before beginning his successful career at Kagiso Interactive. He is one of the primary php core developers on the team and is currently expanding his skill set into smart contract creation and solidity.

Enthusiastic AI expert with experience and a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Node.js, Artifical Intelligence Programming and PHP. He acquired his Bachelor of Computer Sciences qualification from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Rakesh is the Designer team lead at Netwin Infosolutions Pvt Ltd, another successful software development firm. After completing his studies at the Gd sawant college with a BSc, he began his graphic designing career. He has shown exemplary work in creating user interfaces for previous clients and as such as very excited for what he will showcase with Kryptoro.

Tech-savvy professional, with over 10 + years of experience in the IT-consulting industries. More than 30 projects completed in the SAP Project Manager/ Architect/Consultant role. Extensive experience in management, data architecture, solutions delivery, data warehouse, and enterprise-scale full project lifecycle application development. Worked in various roles including program/project manager, business/systems analyst, consultant, developer, and architect. Expertise in coordinating diverse teams and resources to complete objectives for projects around the world.

Is an Associate Security Analyst at Pearson. Vihanga is an adaptable and responsible person who always loves new technologies and working with the smartest people, whom will utilize the technical and innovative skills developed through his work experience. While following a state and a private degree, He successfully combined his studies with other commitments showing himself to be self-motivated, organized and capable of working under pressure. He has a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. He enjoys working on his own or in a team.

Is a Operations Director at EuroproNET Bosnia. She is also an international GDPR awareness ambassador, so our clients can rest assured their personal information is in safe hands. Her education spans multiple disciplines with her most notable accolades being Cisco Networking academy, International Telecommunication Union( Switzerland) and Cisco Systems Global anti-corruption edition.

CoinPoint is a knowledge and services agency focused on catering to various Blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency markets around the world. Established in 2013, we have built a strong global network of partners, suppliers and clients in multiple sectors to provide all the necessary services to the market.

Among our services:
Crypto and Blockchain Consultation, Copywriting and content creation, Press Releases, Cyber Security, Crypto Currencies integration, Crypto markets branding, Crypto Currencies Processing Solutions, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Fintech Search Engine Optimization, Bitcoin and Crypto Affiliation, White Paper Review, Market and Influencers campaigns and Email Marketing Campaigns


Priven Reddy
Company Founder


Lizwi Khanyile
Full Stack Web Developer


Brenton Naicker
Head Of Strategies Division


Anele Ndongeni
PHP core Developer

Dr. David Tobias

Rahul Behl
A.I Developer


Rakesh Gajjar
Head Of Design


Yevhen Bilous
Blockchain Developer


Vihanga Heshan
Advisor- Security


Irena stekogerogianni
Network Analyst


Anton Vladmirov
PR & Media advisors


+What is Kryptoro(KTO) Token?

Kryptoro tokens will function as the gas for the Kryptoro Exchange. They will be utilized by users of the exchange in paying all applicable fees and charges for services on the platform. We will also be conducting bi-annual repurchases and burns of tokens, subsequently reducing the circulating supply twice a year.

+What Cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase KTO?

You will be able to use BTC, ETH and certain fiat currencies in purchasing your KTO Tokens

+Where does your teams experience you refer to come from?

The majority of our time are long standing employees of our founder’s software development company, Kagiso Interactive( https://www.kagisointeractive.com/ )

+Where is Kryptoro based?

Our primary office is located in South Africa at the following address:
Unit 202, 2nd Floor, The Ridge 6, 20 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Ridge, 4319, Durban, KZN , South Africa

+Is Kryptoro a registered company?

Yes, Kryptoro Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a registered and incorporated entity within the jurisdiction of South Africa. Company registration number 2017/519426/07 Why would you use profits to buy back tokens?
By instituting a buyback program, we ensure value accumulation to KTO holders. By using a portion of the profits of the exchange to purchase and burn tokens during specified periods, we create a deflationary effect on the price of KTO tokens, which should result in wealth accumulation to our token holders.
Who do I contact for more information?
Visit our offices at: Unit 202, 2nd Floor, The Ridge 6, 20 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Ridge, 4319, Durban, KZN , South Africa, Mon-Fri (09:00-17:00 GMT+2)
Call us on: +27 87 235 11 58
Email us on: Info@kryptoro.com

+How do I benefit from KTO Tokens?

By purchasing the tokens early users of the exchange can benefit from the reduced fees etc offered by the tokens. In addition, as a result of the bi-annual token burn, KTO Tokens are deflationary in nature and should steadily increase in price as a result of this as well as steadily increasing demand.

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Unit 202, 2nd Floor, The Ridge 6, 20 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Ridge, 4319, Durban, KZN , South Africa

(+27) 87 235 1185
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